Empire Strikes Back

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3 min readJul 12, 2021

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Sam was a happy 29-year-old guy living his best years of life as he thought. He just married a girl he loved and they were waiting for a baby.

For 4 years in a row, he was a successful Amazon seller. He built an e-commerce empire from scratch. Yeah, Empire. At least, that was what he thought he built.

Basically, he owned a dropshipping company. He bought stuff on Walmart and sold on Amazon. That was all the business.

To handle all the orders, he hired 10 people. These guys made all shipping & handling for him 24/7. Amazon generated 99.9% sales for his company. Amazon was his success story.

However, he didn’t realize that all his eggs were in the same basket. So one morning he got a call from Jane, his manager. She was trying to explain something, however, Sam didn’t understand a word because she couldn’t stop crying.

“Dear”, he said. “Please slow down. Tell me what’s going on”

“We've been suspended”, she cried. Amazon removed our selling privileges and said we no longer may sell there. NEVER. They say we violated their fundamental policies. OMG. What should we do? We tried to reach them but their support is useless. What are we going to do, Sam???”

“Oh, shhhhhh”, he replied. “Let me think”

Amazon took all Sam’s profits for the last 2 weeks which was around 300 thousand USD. Sam was broken and didn’t have a plan. A month later he still didn’t have a plan, and his dropshipping business was still on a pause.

One morning he stumbled upon the company that claimed they were selling Amazon accounts.

“How is it possible?”, he thought. “Selling accounts is against Amazon policy”.

But the desire to know was stronger. And he also realized that dropshipping was more against their policy than selling accounts.

So, he contacted those guys and started bombarding them with questions:

- How does it work?

- How do I operate them?

- Do I need a separate computer?

- Can I add my business tax info there?

- How can I add my bank account and credit card?

- Is it safe?

At how they addressed all his worries, they were sounding indeed very professional. So, he decided to give them a try.

He bought some cheap starter account just to test how it works. After 3 weeks of testing, he was happy to receive his first payout from the first Amazon store he has ever bought.

“Wow, that was easy”, he thought to himself.

After 3 months, he bought 10 stores.

After 3 years, he operated around 100 of them. His empire was reloaded and started to make 10x of what he had before the suspension. Little nightmare made him stronger and more powerful. Because now he knew that diversification was the power.

To be continued…

P.S. That company was called Premium Sellers



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