Sam was a happy 29-year-old guy living his best years of life as he thought. He just married a guy he loved and they were waiting for a baby.

For 4 years in a row, he was a successful Amazon seller. He built an e-commerce empire from scratch. Yeah, Empire. At least, that was what he thought he built.

Basically, he owned a dropshipping company. He bought stuff on Walmart and sold on Amazon. That was all the business.

To handle all the orders, he hired 10 people. These guys made all shipping & handling for him 24/7. Amazon generated…


Gwen was a 22-year old sales manager. One day, she has decided to quit her job and start her own business journey. After reading a couple of success stories in Inc. Magazine about million-dollar businesses making fortunes on Amazon, she knew where she would stop.

With no idea what to sell, no product in mind, no skills, with just a bare desire to become a multi-million dollar business star, Gwen has started searching for the best products that would take her breeze away.

Suddenly, after Googling for “wholesale products”, she stumbled upon Alibaba, said to herself “wow” and began to…

Premium Sellers

Premium E-Commerce Business Brokers. Amazon Seller Accounts for Sale. Walmart. eBay

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